• Aaron Freeman Dude, look at it this way... Consider this the top of the mountain! The fact that KGO did this speaks volumes! You overshadowed Bernie Ward, and that other idiota after him! You left SF to find your career, and returned to plant your flag at one of the most liberal stations in the country! Now, if only you'd come to Portland, and make a mark (rather, put a boot into the keyster of...) on Portland; you'd be in good company with Lars Larson! We need more common sense in this part of the country! Attadudes(a blast from the past from listener #103 of the SHLC of Sacramento!!!)!!!
      Monday at 1:45am · · 1
    • Mary Ann Bryan Very good progtam last evening...Thanks for being there....
      Monday at 6:58am ·
    • Voice of Spencer Hughes Thanks, my friends. I appreciate the support.
      Monday at 7:26am ·
    • Vicki Larsen Buteux So proud of you! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy/family! Many blessings from ours to yours for much continued success at KGO!
      Monday at 8:17am ·
    • Voice of Spencer Hughes Thank you! Not sure what is going on yet with that slot. But it was a pleasure and honor to be on this past weekend!! Cheers.
      Monday at 8:20am ·
    • Vicki Larsen Buteux I think they will ask you back!
      Monday at 8:20am ·
    • Voice of Spencer Hughes Thanks so much. Much appreciated!! Cheers!
      Monday at 8:36am ·
    • Estéban Karfunkelstein P.S. I can't believe though that Gene Burns OR John Rothman's ratings were down. Those two were the BEST, and many PPL from all over the Western states called in constantly. How do the MORONS that run that corporation get their ratings info anyway??? IMO it is just PURE GREED. I just hope that the guys let go are already speaking to lawyers. I smell a little age discrimination there.
      Monday at 8:37am · · 1
    • Voice of Spencer Hughes Esteban, you have to understand that radio folks (myself included) are AT WILL employees. They may have contracts that have to be paid out, but there IS NO JOB SECURITY in radio. That's how most of life works. No guarantees. It is not against the law to fire someone. A company reserves that right.
      Tuesday at 9:45am ·

      There he said it.  I hope it doesn't bite him in the ass some day!  That's my thoughts of the day.