Go into your cockles of your mind and imagine a way 
you can spend your way out of a recession into a blossomingly economic bliss, provided you are smart enough to out wit the powers that be. Well ...Here is your  chance in a game. A game that is well adapted to the most modern up to date smart phone like the iphone 4, The Black berry Torch  ,and the Google's Android. It works beautifuly so far thanks to the creator:  Apps Genius. Now  lets review the narrative of this game and see if you dare to take on this challenge.

   You are about to enter into a world where money is no object. A world where the best of planet earth has to offer is at your disposal at a moments notice.  A world where all your financial pressures disappear. Imagine having the world all in your palm of your hand. Welcome to Triple M.  It turns out you are a direct descendant of one of the founding fathers of our organization. Before you are given what is "rightfully yours", you must pass a simple but deceivingly hard test.  Over the next 6  months, you must spend over 300 Million dollars with nothing to show for it at the end except  the clothes on you back. Of course there are rules, but if you can pass, you will be entrusted with power, knowlege, and more money then you would ever dreamed of .  If you fail... NOTHING.. Now a warning: before you make a decision, there are those in the organization, who will try to stop you from winning.

DO YOU ACCEPT?    If you dare then Click on

and see what you are really made of in spending your way out of recession and at the same time be laughing all the way to the bank? HAVE FUN..
That is my Thoughs for this Day.