Hi, Here 's is a way to  help others. Register and invest($25.00 loan+$3.75 Kiva Donation(Servicing Fee)=$28.75 Minimum Investment. Risk? 98.71% PayBack rate with average 9% ). Watch your investments grow other Entreprenuerial Business. with pay moneyback to re-lend again!. About Kiva: Kiva is a non-profit that allows you to lend as little as $25 to allow-income entrepreneur from across the globe. You pick who you want tolend to - whether it’s a baker in Afghanistan or a goat herder inUganda. As they repay their loan, you get paid back and can lend tosomeone else. It's a powerful, sustainable, and fun way to empowerindividuals to lift themselves out of poverty. To check out loans on Kiva, visit the link below: http://www.kiva.org or https://www.kiva.org/register (hbjerre@usa.com ) &/or Make a DONATION
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