Posted yesterday at 2:05pm by Blair R. Wilson

A little green beetle with destructive capabilities is alive and kicking.

The Emerald Ash Boer, that was first discovered in the Windsor and Essex County area in 2002, has now been discovered here in Oxford County. Woodlands Conservation By-Law Officer Carol Pattersol describes the bug "it's very small - about 1 centimeter in length - a very pretty insect - emerald green in color and has the potential to kill every ash tree in Oxford County if it spreads" Patersol tells Heart FM what to do if you come across the beetle "if they do should come across the insect, they should contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) right away" " don't move the material off the property until you get clearance from the CFIA". For more information on the Emerald Ash Boer, visit the link below:

Neighboring State of Ohio affected & quarantined counties Click image below.

It just another pest we have to contend with but with Ash Tree seeds in cryogenic storage in USA, There will always be Ashtrees for those who love them. That is my thoughts for the day.